DR and NRK share music across borders


Karrierekanonen urort

In the near future it will be easier to discover music across borders, with a new site showcasing Danish music in Norway and Norwegian music in Denmark.

The Danish broadcast corporation DR’s music site “KarriereKanonen”, and the Norwegian counterpart NRK’s site “Urørt”, share the ambition of helping users find and enjoy music they haven’t listened to before. Adapt has developed a platform for DR’s “Karrierekanonen”, which will be shared with NRK’s “Urørt”. The platform will heighten the shared potential for music sharing across borders by improving the administration interface, and making the administration of music easier for editors.

Adapt is also focusing on improving the navigation in order to optimize the user experience on desktop and mobile devices. The music player will be developed as a stand alone component, so the users can browse the site, while listening to music.

One of the ideas for the project is to curate music based on expert recommendations, and also to create an experience that integrates well with social media to enable users share music between friends and help artists get more exposure.

The cooperation between DR and NRK will also entail a weekly battle where users can vote for their favorite song amongst the weekly editorial top selected songs for each country. A veritable Denmark vs. Norway musical standoff.