‘Mønsterbryder’ initiative goes digital

The Frederiksberg municipality initiative ‘Mønsterbryder’ launches an app designed to help create high-quality daycare institutions

The initiative began in 2015 as a new way of creating better daycare institutions in Frederiksberg. It’s a joint effort between teachers, pedagogues and managers, that goes all the way through to the administration, focusing on the development of children - a joint effort, that is now launching an app to help achieve better sharing of knowledge and prove better overview from the involved parties. 

App as a pedagogical tool

The app is particularly suitable for tablets, and is designed to help pedagogues better reflect over the development of the children, and to help share these reflection across the entire initiative. The app works as a documentation tool, and helps by providing a clear-cut graphic overview for both pedagogues and managers, to make it easier to follow the children’s development, and act accordingly, to improve the quality of the daycare institutions in the municipality.