Our clients take home 5 Drupal Awards

Denmark’s leading Drupal agency brings home 5 awards in the annual Drupal Awards competition

The annual Danish Drupal Awards took place last thursday, at the Confederation of Danish Industry in central Copenhagen, where we, in collaboration with our clients, took home an impressive 5 awards in the record-large number of submissions.  


Awards for Unity, Rezet, Rudolph Care, DS Norden, and Vitus Rejser

Unity takes the award in ‘Best Interest Organisation’ 
‘Made with Unity’ is Unity’s new online community, created for Unity developers all over the world, to showcase their games, and to let them easily browse others’. It’s a platform designed for easy usability and high performance, specifically geared for both extensive traffic, and high levels of interaction. Since its launch, the site has already had over 1.5 million visitors. 

Rezet awarded in ‘Best Design’ 
The challenge from Rezet was to create a web design with an aesthetic atmosphere that mirrored Rezet’s unique approach - it’s not simply a shoe, it’s a lifestyle. The new design has created an atmospheric purchase flow, characterized by a narrative approach, with large images. The whole project was created from the principle of mobile first, which means improved performance on the devices primarily used by the target group.  

Rudolph Care wins in ‘Best E-commerce’ 
Rudolph Care needed a webshop that could tell the story of the products, focusing on how they are produced, can be applied, and who they are relevant for. And that’s exactly what they got. The new webshop was created with a storytelling universe, complete with beautiful images and videos, tips, and information about ingredients and sustainability. The individual product pages are designed to complement the products themselves, and have been positively received. 

DS Norden wins ‘Best Intranet’ award
DS Norden wanted a redesign of their intranet, ensuring that all employees had access to the website at all times. Specifically, DS Norden wanted an upgrade for their intranet at sea, providing all employees equal access to knowledge. The result has ensured that all DS Norden employees are informed about important news or changes, regardless location. 

Vitus snatches award in ‘Best E-commerce’ 
One of the country’s longest standing travel agencies, 65-Ferie, was facing a comprehensive rebranding process, visually and digitally, as the renowned name was changed to Vitus Rejser. The purpose was clear - they wanted a strong platform to reach a broader audience. The new site is designed to give the user a quicker and better overview of the travel catalogue, and is already a success, with a 25% increase in bookings since its launch. 

We’re proud to be nominated in so many categories with our clients! Congratulations to our teams and to our clients for the great work!