Ringsted reveals their true nature - digitally

Ringsted oplevelsesstiRingsted municipality aims to inspire the community to explore their new ‘nature trail’ with a brand new app.

The new Ringsted Oplevelsessti winds its way through the countryside around Ringsted, and is full of hidden wonders and activities. Ringsted municipality now wants to add a digital dimension to the experience, to help inspire the community to go out and explore the trail, and all its potential. The trail has all kinds of activities, like sailing on the lake, a brand new mountain bike trail, and all of it is being poured into an app, so everyone can see all the attractions available.

Inspiring and practical

There’s been a clear focus on making the app as user friendly as possible, with easy navigation, and a beautiful design, to help work as a source of inspiration for getting out on the trail. Another focus was that it must have a practical use as well. With built in navigation, the app works as a guide when you’re on the go, and there a selection of videos, quizzes and soundbites, to be used while exploring.

Oplevelsesstien is managed by Ringsted Municipality, and the purpose is to ‘pass on’ the natural environment of the area to the community, and to inspire more people to enjoy all the possibilities that the beautiful surroundings provide.

A large part of the trail is already in use, with the last stretch of it completed - and officially opened the 10th september. The app is set to launch during the summer.