Nets prototype

Online solution from Nets replaces complicated forms

Nets is working on digitalizing the process for handling credit card disputes and misuse. This process currently requires manual forms with lots of questions which can be time-consuming for the cardholder to answer and the financial institution to handle. The new solution will make the process more intuitive and faster, as well as improve the overall quality of the experience. 

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Nets acts as the link between the banks and the cardholders. If a credit card has been misused, there is a legal procedure and case handling involving Nets, the financial institute, the international credit card company and the cardholder. To make it simpler for the banks and the cardholders to file and process this type of case, Nets has asked Adapt to develop a digital service. The goal is to replace 26 different forms with one intuitive online service that can guide the cardholder efficiently through the reporting procedure.


Adapt held a series of workshops with Nets and the various financial institutes to map out the challenges of the existing system and identify a more efficient workflow that takes account of the legal process. The input has been converted into a user-friendly service based on a question flow that guides the cardholder through a number of scenarios and only asks questions that are relevant for the specific situation. The service is developed as a clickable prototype and tested with the target group as part of the concept development phase.


The new digital dispute process prevents misunderstandings that can occur when filling out forms, saves case handling resources for the financial institutes and ensures better input for the processing procedure. Nets now has a thoroughly tested prototype of their dispute service which can simplify the requirement specifications for the product and act as documentation for future functionality development. Nets expects to be able to offer the new digital service to the banks during 2017.

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