Rezet sneakers

Rezet’s new online store creates a purchase experience with passion and lifestyle

For a selected group of shoe-enthusiasts, a sneaker is far more than just a sneaker – it represents passion and lifestyle. This is something the team at Rezet Sneaker Store appreciate more than most, because they are all passionate about sneakers. They only sell brands and products that they would wear or use themselves. They share this passion with customers at their three physical stores and now also in the relaunched online store

Rezet sneaker store

Rezet Sneaker Store was founded on a love of old sneaker history, which has achieved cult status over the years. Today the store is known for selling trend-setting and rare sneakers to passionate sneaker connoisseurs throughout the country. Rezet Sneaker Store’s original online store could not be further developed as it was based on an old standard so in connection with the implementation of a new ERP system, Adapt was asked to develop a new online store that could live up to Rezet Sneaker Store’s ambitions for an online sneaker universe.

User experience

The ambition was that the experience in the online store would match the experience of meeting a passionate and enthusiastic sales person in the physical store. Their unique sneakers come with lots of stories and it was important to communicate the stories around the shoes as the users browsed the site. The target group is interested in more than just the appearance of the shoe, they appreciate the passion and community around the sneakers. The store functions as a knowledge bank that gives the customer an aesthetic and emotional experience.

Mobile first

To create a universe where a sneaker is far more than just a pair of shoes, we have created a unique purchase flow characterised by large images and room for storytelling. The purchase flow is designed using a mobile-first principle so the target group can access the site on all devices. Even though the site is created for connoisseurs and sneakerheads within the product category, it does not exclude the average user, who can still find their dream sneakers when they visit the store by using a number of prominent search criteria.

Rezet sneaker store case