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Sports chain omnichannel is extremely successful for two years

En fælles ambition om at blive en ægte omnichannel virksomhed kulminerede, da SPORTMASTER vandt guld til E-handelsprisen 2015 i kategorien ‘Bedste omnichannel virksomhed’. På kun to år har Danmarks største sportskæde opnået imponerende resultater ved at operere på tværs af deres kanaler i samarbejde med Adapt. 

Sportmaster webshop

Sportmaster is the largest sports chain with over 100 stores, 700,000 club members and a successful webshop.

Omnichannel webshop

Sportmasters webshop used to be the smallest shop in terms of revenue - now it's the biggest. We helped achieve the result in only two years.

Drupal webshop

Omnichannel's about aligning channels in order to create the best customer experience and a unique experience across all Sportmaster's touchpoints.

Sportmaster quotes

"Adapt is a professional and competent partner who from the very beginning have had a good understanding of our business. In a few years we have become a true omnichannel business, which has achieved good results by operating on different channels. This is because among other Adapt's competent approach to e-commerce and our common focus on usability and conversion. Adapt's integration of Drupal with our backend given us an omnichannel platform that can handle the large volumes of data quickly and flexibly. We highly recommend Adapt as digital partner".

Aleksander Due-Rasmussen
Ecommerce manager

Sportmaster collage

En sømløs oplevelse på tværs af kanaler