We map and optimise digital touchpoints all the way from traffic to checkout – and everything in between. To us, collaboration is key. That means we always tailor to fit for all our clients, whether it’s UX, traffic, content or analytics.


There’s a purpose to all digital solutions, whether it’s sale, signups, or a piece of information. We bring it to light, and guide the users to reach the purpose they’re looking for. We have a vast variety of tools for analysis and optimization, and we go through extensive testing to make sure what we deliver works - every time. 


A/B testing

When we talk conversion, A/B testing is all about validating data to test whether solution a or b is the way to go. We put people in front of the various types of the solution, they use it, and we track their behavior, and analyse the results.


Performance analysis

The purpose of the performance analysis is just that, performance. Together we set up the criterias for success, and then we start testing. We can always help you identify where your site can be improved, and help you reach a higher conversion. 


User test

The main purpose of the user test is two-fold. First of all it can validate our analysis by providing the ‘why’ of certain aspects of user behavior. Second, it’s an effective way of narrowing down user expectations, and enables us to optimize your solution for the target group. 


Heat maps

We use heat maps as a way of mapping where your user are on your site. What do they read, where do they click. By recording this, we can also see what they ignore, and where they never go. It’s an effective way to find out which areas of the solutions need fixing.

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We treat traffic as an organic and dynamic entity. Ever evolving and changing, search engines are constantly updated and the algorithms changed, and we are on the forefront of those changes. We are proactive, which means we can react quickly and efficiently for you and your business. We help you select the right channels for your business, and we help you drive traffic across these channels effectively. 



More than 50 % of all traffic comes from organic searches. We treat SEO as a science with a dash of art - we focus on creating synergy between relevant content, user experience, user value, and social media. We help you get exactly the kind of attention you want by analysing your entire search setup, and providing keyword targeting and content recommendations, as well as making sure your overall site architecture is optimized for organic search.  

This goes for App Store Optimization as well. We help you set up for the most relevant keywords, create the best content to drive more downloads, and we help you devise a strategy that encourages your users to rate your app, at the right time. 



When we plan any campaign, we analyse the search market, and we benchmark our clients and their competition. This enables us to provide a strategy that gives you the best value, and return on investment. 



We do Social Media consulting from an analytic point of view. We seek relevance for your business, and we help you target the channels and audiences based on insights, to create meaningful interactions. Whether we’re creating a quick win or a slow burner, our social media communications are designed to deliver strong, positive engagement. 



We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. For us, the recipient is the main focus, and we create your email marketing based on analytics and insights, before moving on to helping you set up strategy and dialogue flows. Once that’s done, we can brief our creative team, or you can take over. We do both, and we’re always here to help. 


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Display & remarketing

Modern display and remarketing is all about programmable shopping aimed at the target groups, not the media. We help you direct your brand’s exposure of any given banner, based on the individual user’s online behavior. Generally speaking, there are two options: remarketing, where we help you target the people who already visited your site, but didn’t convert. And then there is reaching the actual target group, that hasn’t visited your site yet, expanding your brand reach.


There’s an abundance of ‘when and what’ to be aware of, when devising a push strategy, and we’re here to help you with just that. We develop guidelines and strategies for your timing and content, and we help you select the engine that’s the best fit for you, all the while running continuous tests, and collecting data, making sure you’re always updated on how your setup is performing. 

Channel strategy

Not all traffic channels are equally effective for your business. We analyse, evaluate and pick the channels with the highest potential to grow your business at the lowest possible cost. Once we have a strategy for how to grow your traffic, we’ve got a dedicated team who can help you activate and optimize channels such as SEO, SEM and social media.

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We help you get insights as to who exactly your most valuable customers are, and how to expand your exposure. We help you sift through the data, unlocking the insights that will help guide your decision making, adjust your media allocation, rework your budgets, and personalize and enhance the experience you deliver, with tailored content, offers and forecasting. A solid tracking setup is the only way to drive continuous business growth, by knowing what works and what doesn’t. 


Analytics setup

Close to 90% of the analytics configurations we come across are broken one way or another. We’re here to fix them. We make sure that everything that needs to be tracked is being tracked properly and that your analytics is set up just right.

We can help you both in defining the right KPIs and doing the necessary implementation. 


Tag management

Setting up a tag management system makes it easy to manage the implementation of digital marketing technology solutions. Tag management also serves as a foundation for driving better omnichannel experiences. We got the necessary know how to setup and maintain robust tag management systems for your business no matter if it is Google, Adobe og Telium based.


Dashboards & Reporting

Being on top of how your advertising & UX KPIs are performing and trending is vital to all companies. We help you make it happen by setting up dashboards and making sure they are always up to date with the data you need. 

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